Why You Can’t Find Us on Social Media?
Why You Can’t Find Us on Social Media?
Social Media

Why You Can’t Find Us on Social Media?

We Don’t Display Art Works on Social Media – Basilica Art House’s Official Position on using Social Channels.

In a world where everyone uses social media to promote their businesses, we intend to look the other way around by not promoting ourselves on Social Media for various reasons. Lots of so-called “business trainers” are self-proclaimed, preaching on top of a soapbox about the wow and now of social media. Others have earned the right to preach and share their encouraging messages, but too often it’s only the “good word” of Social Media. They’re all preaching – they need to fill their donation plate – and they’re all making money when you buy into social media. So if social media is so widely used and beneficial why would Basilica not own a social media account? Our reasons are profoundly simple and here’s how our founding director explains it:

“We are not saying all businesses should not own social media but some shouldn’t. We, in fact, own a global advertising agency of our own and know the importance of Social Media however, we also know the downsides. When you play the game of garnering attention online for as long and as deep as we have, you see a lot of things that make you not own an Instagram/Facebook account. At Basilica, our reasons for not having our presence on social media were pretty simple actually, it was just our love and respect for art.
Would you ever store a million-dollar-worth artwork in your garage? No, because every object has a designated place with its notional value. When we were about the age of 10 our parents took us to museums to look at the paintings by some great artists and that was the experience we lived for, putting that extra effort to travel down a place. At Basilica we want people to make that extra effort and visit our Virtual Museum that we are currently building. Our virtual museum will be designed in a way to give you a certain sophisticated digital experience as well as help you understand the information behind the works. We believe if that if we are promoting an art piece and we are not able to control how it is looked at and perceived, we have insulted the art and the artist. Furthermore, social media is booming with content nowadays, it’s saturated and will certainly reach its limits in the near time. We are not in the race to fight for your attention for 3 seconds on the screen (the average attention span online), we are here to make you gush over the art we curate. To stare at it for hours, to soak it in, to embody the spirit of what the art stands for. I truly couldn’t care less how many likes and followers we have but I do care about how many souls we have moved. It is amazing how our digital and physical channels can do that!”

Shreyash Mishra, Founder, and Executive Director – Technology of Basilica Art House.

We were also asked questions by some people close to us like what’s the plan for reaching the audience? Well, we think whenever you deliver true value to people they come to visit you against all odds. We don’t want our ads saying “Hey, we are the best” but we want our audience to say that when they look at what we are bringing to the table for them, they are moved by its depth of thought, visuals, amazing stories, and everything that our art stands for.

Basilica Art House happens to be one of the most innovative Art-Tech companies in the world and we do have a vision of how art should be consumed in the future. Our strategic decision comes in the light of the current situation, given how Social Media has become a competitive marketplace for attention, full of intolerance, insulting demeanor, and overconsumed by promoters selling their capitalistic motives. Art is a profound way of expression as if God speaks to you in color but you wouldn’t want him sending you a DM, would you now?

PS: We do use LinkedIn for commercial activities and YouTube for our content features but none of them as a method to display art.

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