Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

If art cannot bring together societies, cultures, eras and people then we don't know what can. We strive to use art as a medium to bind the human race together with its bright and joyful future.

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Basilica's Responsibility

We believe that we are responsible for more than just selling art and bringing about an art revolution. While we do our side of commercial work, we also strive to work with communities to bring about a change. Art is our cornerstone, central to everything we do. We believe that access to beautiful and innate objects is an important part of people’s personal and cultural life and this is the lens through which we consider our activities in the workplace, community, and environment.

For years, Basilica has the unique honour and privilege of stewarding great works of art with our clients, from one generation to another, across cultures and era. Today, we continue to work closely with artists and the world’s leading art and cultural institutions.


CSR with a Purpose

Our CSR programs aim to be relevant to national and global contexts, keep disadvantaged communities as the focus based on globally agreed sustainable development principles, and be implemented in partnership with governments, NGOs, and other relevant stakeholders. Basilica Art House looks out for opportunities to be involved in a wide variety of community development and environmental preservation projects. By instituting a comprehensive CSR strategy that addresses long-term goals and investment priorities we advocate CSR activities in various fields such as community, environment, diversity and give unruffled attention towards corporate patronage of art. Artists have long been associated with the challenges of responding to the world around them, developing work that is inclusive rather than exclusive, to provide an alternative literacy to people without a voice and, where relevant, create links between communities who may never otherwise interact. The skills, knowledge, and creativity of the arts and artists in this respect are a key tool in enabling businesses to build an effective CSR strategy. We don’t look at CSR to be just one another activity added to the bucket of our responsibilities. Being at the center of the art world we possess the ability to advocate and highlight changes. Here are our purpose-driven CSR activities that we are currently undertaking:

Social Art

We never fail to stand up for social issues and when we do we make sure that our words are heard and actions are taken. We bring in the artists from our global network to create artworks that act as expressionist sentiments for all the viewers.

Art For All

Not everyone gets a chance to build a career in art, and a big reason for this is the improper understanding and guidance regarding the art world. We educate, advocate and promote how artists can grow further and market their name in the industry. We also want to initiate promoting the scope of creativity and art in places like India and Indonesia where art seems like an inferior choice of career.

Auctioned For Charity

Every now and then we auction art pieces wherein any n number of capital generated from the sale is straightaway diversified and wired to respective charitable trusts.


Culture and Philanthropy

Culture is based on values and values are beliefs and ideas that are held as most important by any respective individual. Individuals have values; groups of people living in the same time and place tend to have similar, shared values. Values are expressed in arts, in government, in every aspect of life. For example, practicality and usefulness are commonly held American values in the 20th century. Therefore, our great building is no longer highly decorated with impractical carvings, steeples, and statues. At Basilica Art House it’s our belief that just as culture creates art, sometimes it’s the other way around. Art can set a culture, change a culture as well as preserve one. Every member of Basilica Art House is advised and constantly trained to see within themselves parts of their thoughts and emotions so as develop core principles to live a righteous life. Our core cultural values include:

Humanism: What we as “humans” do in this world speaks for eternity and we matter, others matter.

Individualism: You can be a member of the church, business groups or any form of community however, you own thoughts should guide your actions and sense of who you really are.

Skepticism: One thing art teaches us is to question things. Experiment, try new things, and shake up the world.

Well Roundedness: Be someone who’s interested in many things and knows a little something about everything.

Secularism: Believe that how you live your life as a whole, matters. Decide for yourself, find your path and follow it.

Hand of Help: When possible, make it a habit to help those in need it will definitely change the world. Basilica Art House has involved in a great deal of philanthropic initiatives and smart investments to help groups and individuals.



We advocate artists to practice sustainable art whenever possible. Sustainable art can take on a variety of forms depending on the materials used and the purpose behind the piece. Sustainable practices and eco-friendly art has been expanded upon in recent years as society begins to become more conscious of their impact on the environment and the future of our planet. While sustainability requires a reconsideration of how we consume, manufacture, and design art and objects, it also provides the opportunity for artists and designers to rethink their approach. Sustainable art blurs the line between science and design for the benefit of both the audience and the environment.

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