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Sell with Us

Nothing sells better than an art piece that has caught the eye of a collector. The sale room drama, the tussle of power, the throw away cash and the love for an artist are a treat to watch. We're the ones who bring that treat to you.

Sell with Basilica

For Making Your Art More Than It Is...

Why Sell at Basilica Art House? 

Basilica Art House (BAH) is often described to be the napoleon of all Art houses. We’re known for revealing art pieces that are esoteric and noetic in nature. It’s our belief that the true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. Stemming from a history of private Fine Art Dealings, the Founders started Basilica Art House in 2020, we also take’s peculiar interests in AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain for developing artworks and system designs for the comprehensive evolution of the industry and Art Experiential Concepts (AEC).the estimated prices at which your art should be priced.

Basilica is one of the fastest emerging art entities in the world; bringing together artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and resellers onto a single powerful online platform. With a state-of-the-art user experience, and leading edge art portal backed by some amazing analytics and data, We are changing the way art is promoted in the country.

Basilica has wide networks and Global partnerships with famous brands and leading companies. As per the requirement of the client, we assign artists to the task of giving creative directions.

We promote our partners. Basilica promotes the work of its artists, galleries, and resellers, in many different ways, including online and social media marketing. We do our best to ensure that all your works are showcased to the growing online audience, and build traffic and conversions for you.

We build careers. We believe that the promotion of art is important to the growth of artists and their careers. Basilica, through its showcasing of emerging and mid-career artists, aims to build the careers of all artists we work with. We work with many different entities in the art world, and try and connect artists with not just collectors, but also dealers, critics, writers, and galleries to promote their art.

We offer no upfront fees, our auctions are secured, and best of all, you keep your artwork until it’s sold.

Our team of curators and use of gathered market data will keep you in check with the estimated prices at which your art should be priced.

What Does It Take?

Here’s a quick look at the process of how you can sell your art with us.

It’s that Simple

Get the value you deserve. We offer secure payments through suitable standard transfer mechanisms. Our support team ensures our artists and collectors are financially protected on every sale.

  • No signup fee.
  • We handle shipping – you only pay for packaging
  • Receive 75% on every sale of your every Individual artwork.
  • Non-exclusive policy.
  • Secure online payments.
  • Artist protection.

Future Exposure

We are at the centre of bringing a digital renaissance in the art world. Our ambitions are to expand the scope of art to different mediums and commercial scales. As an artist selling your art on Basilica’s Platform; you can be a part of further collateralized advantages.

  • Deploying your unique artistic concepts for famous fashion brands and MNCs
  • Attentions from our partnered art curators
  • PR support
  • Basilica’s Collaborative Projects
  • Media Promotions

We’re here to help

Our Powerful Mechanism let you spend more time making art.

Painless Shipping: When you sell your art with Basilica Art House, shipping is paid for by the collector and is handled by our specialists, saving you time and money  you only pack the work and pay for the packaging materials.

Manage your posted Artworks: Let us know if you want to make any changes or edits in your portfolio and we will make the changes. We Expand awareness of your artwork across new channels, while managing it all from one place.

Display multiple images of your artwork: Share multiple different viewpoints of each of your artworks, enabling viewers to get a better sense of your work before purchase.

Create a robust online profile in minutes: Send us your artworks, your profile, and start sharing your portfolio with Basilica and your network instantly.

Make An Offer and Commissions: Accept and negotiate offers from collectors, or work with our curators on original commissions for Art Advisory clients.

Art Advisory: Get handpicked by our curators for recommendation to a wide range of clients, from designers to architects to emerging and seasoned collectors.

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