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Private Sales

Our genesis - where it all started. Private Sales is all about curating buyer-specific art deals. Where massive value meets massive investments.

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Behind Closed Doors...

We offer direct private art buying and sale as the ideal alternative to public auctions. In accordance, Basilica Art House arranges transactions with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. It goes without saying that we attach great importance to the core values of loyalty and care. If you prefer to sell your artworks discreetly and directly on the art market instead of at auction, but still seek the most successful result, we will be happy to advise you on private art sales. We can draw on an international network of collectors, agents, and institutions to ensure your works attract the attention of the right buyers. We will be more than happy to advise you and formulate the best possible method of disposing of your artworks. Through the use of the same tools that set record prices at auction, we will market your work for private sale. We have the ability to place items with our existing buyers and we actively maintain a list of items that our buyers desire to obtain for their collections. As market makers, we have both the knowledge and the clientele to sell your items efficiently and effectively. Providing both the option to sell privately or at auction, We give the seller the flexibility to navigate the complicated market. Having leveraged the power technologies and curation of  new genres, eras and artists, our Private Sales continue this propensity with online viewing rooms that move away from the conventional physical exhibition. Artworks are presented in a safe and compelling digital environment which allows the viewer to experience these works in their own time, in the comfort of their own space and on any device.  Contact our art specialist for a confidential discussion about your collection. Our extensive experience and expertise are available to assist you in shaping your collection – from sourcing specific artworks to finding suitable buyers – we always ensure the best for you.

We cover everything that catches our attention
We offer private sales in various categories, including but not limited to digital art,  modern & contemporary art, photography, as well as Impressionist art, Western old master paintings, traditional Japanese paintings, Asian art, Japanese old master paintings and so on.

Just like the angels and Demons besides your shoulders, we are always there for you.
Our team members work personally with consignors and buyers. We offer a top-notch service helping clients to find specific works of art or objects through our network of specialists around the world and then negotiating the exchange.

Maximize Value
Our art specialists can provide expert advice to help you maximise the value of your assets by private treaty. Our dedicated Private Sales group will assist you with the purchase of works of unique arts, antiques and rare collectables. Also, we can provide advice on marketing and selling strategies, and guidance on developing your collection, as well as complimentary appraisals.

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