Our Esoteric Lab

Our Esoteric Lab

At Basilica’s Esoteric Lab, we try to enquire into the world, we live in by diving into our conscious and subconscious minds through the use of artworks and modes of experiential demonstrations.

Esoteric Lab

Curations and Creations That Philosophize The Experience of a Higher Wisdom

What if everything you know about the world is incorrect? What if someone who is enlightened comes to you and informs you about the real wisdom behind the mysteries of your surrounding?

Our experimentations with understanding the true nature of the higher being are done by improvising artistic capabilities in the following dimensions:


Art to Change Perspectives

Mathew 7:7-8 in the Bible says “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Its important to question the nature of things to know what and how to “ask”. For finding the right answers we need to acknowledge and realize the right questions. Art that can make us think and look beyond the screen of what we construe to be “real” are the starting point of training our brain to the acceptance of higher wisdom. Works of art represent a rich source of ideas and understanding about how the world appears to us, and only relatively recently have those interested in the science of vision started to appreciate the many discoveries made by artists in this field. Perception in art, as we mentioned in the introduction, is conditioned by both the observer’s and the artist’s situatedness. Art styles had developed from a willed decision of an artist that casts his inspiration in the visual form inside historical trajectories, and come as a coherent deformation in inherited traditions. In art, meanings acquired from perception are concentrated in visual expression, and style represents “an interpretation, an optional way of depicting the world.” Making it a habit to interpret art differently and accepting its abnormal features to gently make us perceive the world in a similar logic of paradoxes. are a look at how humans think and perceive in the general physical and mental worlds. Old or new forms and works of art that display a hidden truth to the universe or lead to a greater reality can be curated for meaning sharing and collective understanding.

Art from Sacred Texts

An alchemist once quoted “conscious changes from generation to generation but the unconscious stays the same”. Sacred texts from the notes of rishis in India to alchemists around the globe knew something of the world that stays hidden from most of the other population.  Esotericism is that it’s very unusual and understood or liked by only a small number of people, especially those with special knowledge. Artists from the renaissance period used the stories of their past to display and articulate sacred knowledge. Paintings from the stories of the ancient gods have been widely used to demonstrate a world we didn’t know about where gods lived among the humans. It’s said that mind came matter and at the start of everything mind mattered more to everyone than matter but currently we live under times when the matter is considered reality and mind is considered to be just another tool. Using sacred texts to draw inspiration related to spirituality, ancient icons, texts, and wisdom artists can bring back new collections of artwork that inspire the people of today and the next generations to come.

Art With Meaning

Art can be abstract and pleasing, as an art-house we understand that however esoteric labs are more about art with explorable meaning-making. Art created at Esoteric Labs consists of a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts— artworks—that express the creator’s imaginative or technical skill, and are intended to be appreciated for their beauty, intellectual and emotional power. Through the use of learnings and rare understanding, we examine art through the interaction of the principles and elements of art, conscious and unconscious subjects. The principles of the esoteric lab include meaning, spirituality, movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern. The elements include texture, form, space, shape, color, value, and line. The various interactions between the elements and principles of art help artists to organize sensorially soul pleasing works of art while also giving viewers a framework within which to analyze and discuss aesthetic ideas.


“How do any of us know where the strands of our lives are interwoven?”
― Claire Duende, The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal


Join us at Basilica Esoteric Labs


A Collective Community Sharing of Wisdom, Information and Sacred Teachings
We are building a community that holds in-depth conversations related to a vast subject of topics that allows us the explore ourselves as well as the world around us. With any spiritual or metaphysical practice, you reap what you sow. In other words, the more time, energy, and dedication that you invest in developing and maintaining these practices, the greater your results will be.


Create Artworks Inspired by your divine learning

Based on the understanding of perennial philosophies, spirituality, and other learnings- create art individually or participate in projects to create the most unique collection of artworks known.


 Global Impact

Curation of Social Art to impact social, economic, and global political changes through the use of artistic and cognitive concepts 

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