Gifting Fine Collectibles – A Market For Centuries
Gifting Fine Collectibles – A Market For Centuries

Gifting Fine Collectibles – A Market For Centuries

Collectibles are a wonderful gift especially during the holiday season as many fine collectible companies have gifts that are designed for the season.

One of the oldest and most popular fine collectible companies is M.I. Hummel. Hummel figurines are created in Germany by master artists of W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik and based upon the creative and artistic vision of Sister Marie Innocentia Hummel who lived and worked in Germany during the first half of the 1900s.

Hummel figurines are world-renowned and appreciated for the simple beauty and subtle humor which people have enjoyed for almost a century. I know my mother and my grandmother both have many Hummel figurines, some dating back to the early 1940s.

Admirers of Hummel figurines refer to them simply as Hummels. Each Hummel is painstakingly hand sculpted and then painted by hand to flawless detail. They make a fine gift and can be seen on mantles across the western world. Another of the older established fine collectible companies is Swarovski Crystal.

Swarovski Crystal has been making the absolute best precision-cut crystal for over a hundred years. Swarovski Crystal, a family-owned company based in Austria is known worldwide for the innovation and sophistication they bring to the art form, as well as the highest standards of artistic expression.

One of the advantages of giving a gift like a Hummel or a piece of fine crystal is that it eliminates the possibility that someone else may give the same gift. There are so many different collectibles available, and in the case of the Hummel even those that are of the same theme will be slightly different because they are hand made.

Hummels and Swarovski Crystal make excellent gifts that will make the recipient feel like you really care.

If that is not enough, you can always opt for gifting art. Platforms like Basilica Art House offer a variety of art and collectible options ranging from a few hundred dollars and going up to millions, just like your love. Check out our online store or attend one of our live auctions to find the perfect gift for your family.

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