Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Basilica Art House is an art platform and an esoteric laboratory. As an art platform we provide a transitional ecosystem for artists to sell and auction their creations while buyers get to  hold a piece of divinity by purchasing the most unique art creations known to the world. As an Esoteric Laboratory we act as a technology company to commercialise art works and artists for creative utility and partnerships with some of the biggest brands known.

As an art house we stand for the constant development of human psyche and understand through the use of Art as a tool.

Seek new depths: We understand that art is subjective, but some art works speaks more than the others. It’s our belief that the true work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection. We look forward to bring back the times of renaissance where patrons such as the Medici family brought forward a cavernous change in the world by leaving a legacy of beauty, meaning, and some of the best art creations behind. As much as we believe in works of the past we look forward towards the future and hence give particular attention to new forms of art especially Digital Art.

  • At the Forefront of the “future of art” and Digital Renaissance.
  • Art with divine depths
  • Experts in Art Promotions
  • Understanding of Art as an Investment, legacy and philosophy.

We are always looking out for experienced people who could be an integral part of our art house. We don’t hold interviews, we hold conversations. You can reach out to our hiring team at [email protected]


We are open to almost every  art work types out there also including photographs and rare antiques. Digital Art, AI based Concept Art, Works on paper, paintings and Photographs are among the most popular mediums we have.

Primary Selling Media Include:

  • Private Sales
  • Online Sale
  • Live Auctions
  • Online Auctions

Anyone who considers themselves as an artist and has works to prove and showcase their level of interest and creative detailing can look forward to sell their on Basilica.

To sell your creations your art collection has to be selected by the Basilica Art House selection committee. This selection takes place on broad range of factors such as the aesthetic and intellectual qualities, cultural assets, emotional qualities and much more. Submit your work and details as asked in our assignment; if accepted we will get in touch with you for further details. 

For more details, Visit our Artist Representation Page.

All forms of compositions is acceptable as every artist has a way of doing things. Positioning and arrangement of elements within a work affect how a viewer interacts with the creations. We evaluate compositions in art while selecting artworks.

We have our special valuation style for evaluation and appraisal of art. To learn more, read our Art Appraisal page.

All you need to do is Submit photographs and provide us with the information asked on the portal. If your item meets our quality standards and minimum consignment value, Basilica will provide auction estimates and will recommend the most effective way to sell your property whether in one of our live or online-only auctions, as a private sale, on our online marketplace or, if appropriate, with one of our trusted partners.

Digital art is a form of original art that involves a great deal of digital technology in the creative process of making the work of art. It is a one of kind expression mixing art and technology to create riveting pieces of visual storytelling. Embrace the digital world with one of the most ancient techniques of expression, together forming a medium of powerful and varied engagement.

Digital Art is just like any other artwork but made digitally. It is made available as a unique file with a pre-assigned and significantly unique hash. The owner of the file with the original hash possesses the rights to the art. It cannot be reproduced without permission.

Yes. As opposed to common belief, digital art is completely original if authenticated. Discover exciting new digital artists who are embracing to technology in the creation of their pieces. Buy digital art from independent artists the world over on Basilica.

With the advent of blockchain and AI technologies, it has never been easier and safer to own Digital Art. We have set security protocols to protect your data and your art. Read about our security practices here.

NFT as a unique proof of ownership over something you can’t usually hold in your hand a piece of digital art, a digital coupon, maybe a video clip. Like the digital art itself, you can’t really hold an NFT in your hand, either it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of code, stored and protected on a shared public exchange. 

Being at the crux of digital renaissance, Basilica Art House does deal with NFTs by auctioning NFT based works of art.

You can think of it as the key to your locker. As a form of unique ownership certificate and authenticity, our systems workaround typical data operation, a string of characters will be transformed into a shorter string of fixed length providing the buyer with a license key.

We can’t say that as of now however we do believe that it will be in a few years’ time. Traditional art is just art that’s going to stay up on the walls of museums but digital art can take forms which you can’t even imagine. It can pe projected on the walls of a building, it can be used for commercial projects as wells as for branding concepts. The scope is explosive and display a great potential for inflating future value.

Buying From Basilica

Before you can bid, you will need to create an account with us. Once you have an account, whether you plan to bid in person or online, you can register for any sale in advance through your online account via our auction calendar.

If you were successful in either an online-only sale or a live auction, your purchase information will be available to view in your online account, where you can view invoices and choose your shipping option.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, and for most purchases you can pay online up to a limit of USD 500,000. For purchases over this threshold, bank transfer is the easiest way to pay.

If you proceed with the shipping quote available at online checkout, items are usually delivered within 7-14 business days of payment clearance, and once the delivery information is confirmed, you will receive an email with a confirmation number to track the status of your delivery. If you have any questions about delivery or you require special assistance, please contact us prior to checkout.

That is unfortunate. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

You can find it under the ‘Orders’ or the ‘Downloads’ tab in your Account.

Oh, Dear! Do you have a trillion dollars in your bank? That won’t be enough, we believe. In other words, No. There is no limit on art purchases. However, accounts that show traces of suspicious activity or illegal behavior are suspended until further investigation.

Welcome to our den! We are Private Sale experts by foundation. Head on to our Private Sales page to learn more.

If you have bought the art from us, you can head on to the Authenticity Verification page. Upload your image and cross-check the hash with the certificate you own.

We have a comprehensive Buying Guide available that will clear all your impending queries. You can always get in touch with us for additional questions.

Art Services

Send us your details on our Artmercial portal and our team will get in touch with you for informational details. As per the discussions, an artist or group or artists will be deployed for you and your brand under our guidance. Visit the Commercial Liasoning page for more information.

As we have to deal with new artists and projects all the time we have a defined way of allocating and getting the work done to bring out the best of art. We are in touch with artists all around the world from traditional Rajasthani art to Japanese aesthetics we can deliver it all.

We don’t exit the partnership after delivering you the artist, we constantly act as the mediator to check up on the progress and your commercial wellbeing. Basilica team members will keep evaluating the nature of work and development brought to the objectives. We want to make sure that art makes an impact for your brand, period.

We offer a range of services to help you start or expand your collection as per your ambitions. Learn more about how we can acquire art for you. Read about Private Sales.

It takes a certain eye to be able to pull a room together and make it fabulous and functional at the same time. Our art specialist and world accredited interior decorators bring a unique touch to your collection space. We follow the concept of  “an external mind”, your collection space should be just like displaying your mind externally.

Our Artmercial services lets you do more with art then what you can imagine. From commercialising art with fashion brand to generating profits, art can do it all. Learn More.

Art under your ownership can be segmented under different flexible formats and shared with brands and other companies for their commercial use. For using the utility of the art the respective companies will pay the owner with a specific fee as mutually discussed.

We have developed a valuation methodology that suits the current positioning of the art world. Send us necessary details and we will evaluate your and put forwards the best price estimate. Read more.

Art Investments

Art has always been an asset class for risk neutral investors. But now more than ever the scope of art is inflating due to coming together of technology and art. This will surely increase the market value of the asset class.

  • Diversification and Global value
  • Capital Growth Potential
  • Inflation and Economic Downturn
  • Might be tax deductible

Luxury investments can fluctuate greatly from one year to the next, but art tends to retain its value, even amid economic downturns. It’s also an investment that maintains the same value from one country to the next. Using data from, which tracks auction sales from Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips, Citi found that between 1985 and 2018 the art market as a whole has returned an average of 5.3% annually. Contemporary art has been the top performer, returning an average of 7.4% annually, while art from the Impressionist period has returned 5%.

However, the eye of the investment world has turned to Digital Art which is predicted to offer 500-800% returns over a 20-year period.

Investing in art is more of a calculative decision rather than just having a passion for art. It is looked upon as a source of investment that would yield handsome returns in time to come and rightly so, it does. To invest in art you need to be well informed regarding the prospects you invest in. You will need a list of insights for making successful investments, this is where we come in the picture.

Basilica Art House advises a number of art investment opportunities that generate capital appreciation through investment and trading in the art market, or underwriting artworks to be sold at auction. Additionally, We offer private accounts for a tailored means of capital preservation and long-term growth by investing in unique quality artworks and short-term co-investment opportunities. Each work of art is unique and cannot be replaced or directly compared to another artwork regarding its value. The value of an artwork increases with the recognition an artist acquires in the established art market. Read more about Art Investments.

All you need to do is get in touch with us and generate an interest after which our team will get in touch with you for the next steps.

You can either read our blog or visit our art investment page. You can always get in touch with us.


You can get in touch with us [email protected] or visit our Press Page.

The founders of Basilica Art House are also senior executives of the Shrex Group and sit in boards of various companies. While a direct line may not be available to them, you can always schedule an interview via our Media Team. They will be more than happy to speak to you.

Basilica Art House advises a number of art investment opportunities that generate capital appreciation through investment and trading in the art market, or underwriting artworks to be sold at auction. Additionally, We offer private accounts for a tailored means of capital preservation and long-term growth by investing in unique quality artworks and short-term co-investment opportunities. Each work of art is unique and cannot be replaced or directly compared to another artwork regarding its value. The value of an artwork increases with the recognition an artist acquires in the established art market. Read more about Art Investments.

Our blog is the best place to start. You can always speak to us if that’s something you’d like.

Just know that we are at the forefront of the next era of art and we pride ourselves as the pioneers of change. More importantly, we are here for YOU. Buyer, Seller, Collector, Dealer, Agent or Gallery – we are here to help you, always. If you have any further questions, would fancy a coffee with us or perhaps a Michelin-star meal, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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