Experiments on Creationism and Divinity at The Esoteric Laboratory
Experiments on Creationism and Divinity at The Esoteric Laboratory
Esoteric Laboratory

Experiments on Creationism and Divinity at The Esoteric Laboratory

The question “What is Art?” leads to millions of different answers and there’s no predetermined response . In such conditions it’s better to follow Wittgenstein’s advice where he said “Different games can have different properties hence you don’t need a definition” – it’s not right to define what sports is when the subcategories that come under sports can have different coexisting attributes. All of these details point to one thing: you can choose how you perceive art, and that’s the end of it. It’s like saying that life is what you decide it is to be and hence the life you live, how you live, how you share those experiences and emotions, innovate, invent, get hurt, be loved and love in return all matters and definitely not as an destination but more as a journey. Esoteric Laboratory in short is a connection between life and art, a constantly moving movement and community that shares experiences with meaning and in process gets inspired to create art out of it. 

Esoteric is a term used to describe something that’s understood by a small number of people. At basilica we bring together people to share their wisdom and expertise in fields such as history, ancient texts, divine spiritual practices, art, literature and many more. By doing so Basilica intends to build a culture of open mindedness and curiosity towards the universe we live in as well as towards their inner being. It’s funny how all the wisest people on Earth always comes back to this thought, know thyself, thy body, they mind, they soul, thy emotions, thy history, thy spirit… the only knowledge that will ever serve you is the knowledge you yourself know of, and hopefully put into practice.

This literature piece by Wallace Stevens quite sharply identifies the role of getting into the depths of knowledge and doing things differently. 

Someone:  You have a blue guitar but you don’t play things as they are
Man: Things as they are, are changed upon the blue guitar
Someone: but play, you must, a tune beyond us, yet ourselves a tune upon the blue guitar of things exactly as they are 

Esoteric Laboratory gives Artists the ability to know more and to get inspired for striking up their creations and to discover themselves through Art and Wisdom. Art can be used in many different ways but more than anything it can be used to understand ourselves better to mesmerize our core intentions and emotions to create and connect our energies to the divine power. 

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