Commercial Liasoning

Commercial Liasoning

Art is a medium of expression and the future of consumerism will see the lines between collectibles and consumables merging at certain touchpoints.

Commercial Liasoning | Artmercial | Basilica Art House

Here's How It Works

Our experts curate artistic talents from our networks to apply principles of artistry to a variety of fields.  Works of art are used to sell, promote, explain, narrate, and inform. Companies may design media such as advertisements, logos, billboards, brochures, book covers, or product packaging. Commercial artists are typically employed by advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, graphic design firms, television studios, and similar businesses. Art and fashion are two fields of ongoing innovation and creative expression. Yet they are decidedly distinct from another: while art is free from any restrictions, fashion is bound to the demands of a fast-paced industry. Naturally, fashion designers have repeatedly turned to art to imbue their creations with this flair of artistic freedom, giving way to sensational art-meets-fashion collaborations. With traditional marketing methods in decline, companies are looking for new ways to cut through the noise and build their image. By working with artists, brands gain a certain intellectual and creative cachet, while artists reap financial and often logistical support, not to mention increasing the value of their work.

We offer the following services as a part of  Art For Commerce:

Use specific art imagery for creative business activities without owning the art

With the art owner’s consent, Basilica Art House gets in touch with the best-suited brands out there from different sectors and offers rights to use the imagery of the particular artwork or collection. In return, an ideal settlement is reached which generates value through royalties or usability fees.

Commission artists for any specific task

Set your budget, describe your perfect artwork, commercial objectives, and set a completion date. We will then line up a tailor-made list of artists with whom you can finalize the ideal type. Once accepted, you pay the deposit to get the ball rolling and when you’re happy with the final piece, you pay the remainder.

Assistance in building brand identity.

Art is an opportunity for companies to help clients, visitors and employees get to know and get a feel for who the organization is. Art branding goes deeper than creating a simple aesthetic appeal that uses vibrant colouring, inventive typography, or bold graphics — art branding connotes the ideals of your brand. Members of our team with the chosen artists set out to understand your brand and help you build or evolve your image to make it stand apart from the brand noice.

Luxury Art for Estate Properties

The art adds a certain atmosphere to the property, and creating this atmosphere is essential in the successful sale and the personality building of a property. In luxury real estate, the buyers are familiar with highly-priced items – like the fine art on display. This element of wealth is something that people recognize and helps to create an appealing space.  Tell us about your requirements and budget and we will commission artists to fill up your properties with the most appropriate and conversation-starting artworks.

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