The Reversible Abyss

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When AI makes a statement on humanity.

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The reversible abyss is an iconic work of AI-based art. The painting takes the observer on a journey from a place of light to a place of encompassing sorrow and revulsion far beyond the personal: sick, drenching nausea at all humanity and human endeavor from the dawn of time. Contrarily, it also works the other way around. The artwork is also revealed to identify the dark side that exists behind every joyous object in the universe. “From everything to nothing”, some believe that the world is just a holographic illusion of the divine brain in which case the unperceived reality is filled with darkness.

Finding The Art in Neural Artworks

Basilica Art House displays thousands of original designs, authentically created by artificial intelligence. We embarked on this fascinating expedition to explore the ways in which artificial intelligence can generate art that people can emotionally connect with. In AI-Based art, we are currently exploring Neural Style Transfer or Generative Adversarial Networks. Since the beginning of time, art has served as a tool for emotional expression, used to evoke feelings, inspire ideas, and offer new creative perspectives on the world around us. Following the rise in technological development, new age mediums started to form as extensions of the human mind, opening the gateway to new waves of arts that were never possible before. As passionate believers in both art and technology, we were greatly intrigued by the idea of developing artificial intelligence that would be able to affect people emotionally, while inspiring creativity and innovative thinking.


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Basilica Art House: An art house and esoteric lab that features a galore of artworks spanning across multiple genres and forms.

Basilica Art Intelligence: We embarked on this fascinating expedition to explore the ways in which artificial intelligence can generate art that people can emotionally connect with. Our Covolutional Neural Network is capable of producing great works of art inspired by the greats of all time. Each AI-based art work is exclusive
The emotional connection formed with your piece is special, we want it to be reserved for you only. Each artwork will only be made once, allowing you to possess an original piece that will never be seen anywhere else!

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