Mother of the Sacrificed

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Mother of the Sacrificed is a one-of-a-kind digital fabric artwork that embodies the pain of a mother who has lost her sons and close ones.

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Mother of the Sacrificed is a one-of-a-kind digital fabric artwork that embodies the pain of a mother who has lost her sons and close ones. Women have had to wait back at the castle while the men were at war. Wars have casualties and women have lost dozens of men they love to a cause futile to their future. They have sacrificed equally along with those who have sacrificed their lives. The loneliness, the threat to life, the threat to their respect and honor, the fear of their men never returning, the longer the war, the more grueling it got. It took a mental toll on the women. It changes them, they toughen up. In that spirit, the Mother of the Sacrificed becomes a warrior in her own spirit, dawning the skulls and bones of her enemies as weapons.

About the Collection

Warriors of Humanity is a digital fabric collection commissioned by Basilica Art House in honor of the men and women who have valiantly fought and defended the earth from itself and external threats. It banks on mythology, war stories, warrior characterization, and actual stories told in folklore and popular culture. Despite being a digital artwork, it follows traditional methodologies of fauvism paintings and blended with the signature style of any digital fabric artwork – the bespoke canvas texture. The best part of the digital fabric is that it looks marvelously great whether in physical format or digital. Next time you are considering putting up a digital screen at your house or expecting to install a physical version, you are in for a treat.


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Commissioned by Basilica Art House

Basilica Art House: An art house and esoteric lab that features a galore of artworks spanning across multiple genres and forms.

Basilica Art Intelligence: We embarked on this fascinating expedition to explore the ways in which artificial intelligence can generate art that people can emotionally connect with. Our Covolutional Neural Network is capable of producing great works of art inspired by the greats of all time. Each AI-based art work is exclusive
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