History Portrayed by Negin Alavi

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History Portrayed represents the active lifestyle of the past century embodied in a portrait.

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The 20th Century was nothing but a century full of wars, joys, and carnal pleasures. History Portrayed represents the active lifestyle of the past century embodied in a portrait. Love of alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, cafes, and games. Beautiful clothes, torn clothes, and nudity. Our century is taking another form, but no one will forget the beginning of the modern world.

About the Artist

Negin Alavi is a lover of painting, design, and art history. In her opinion, having interest and artistic talent is a divine blessing that should be appreciated and used to raise the level and quality of life. It is a wide and endless path. She thinks painting is one of the most fascinating and powerful ways of meditation. Painting helps us to cultivate our souls. Negin has participated in several exhibitions to date and hopes to increase her reach and represent the best of life via her works. In addition to being a skilled hand at brushwork, she is also a teacher and mentor to young students of arts. She aspires to spread the power of art and use it to create a positive impact in the world.


Art Type


Negin Alavi

Art Form

Abstract, Expressionism


Board (Fibre)


23.6×35.4 in

Color Used

Acrylic Paint

Frame Size

1 in


Original Pine Wood

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