Dot Matter Concept Finale (10)

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Dot Matter Concept Finale is the final piece in the collection that signifies the final contraction.

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Dot Matter Concept 10 is the final piece in the collection that signifies the final contraction. It is an image of the universe captured moments before succumbing back into a big ball of energy and matter.

About the Collection

The Dot Matter Concept Collection is a series of geometrical works that explore the creation of time, its interaction with space, and the changes in the state of being. The entire collection when put together, explores the creation of the universe and the events that unfold later. It tells the story of billions of years. From the creation of the universe from a single ball of energy and matter to its expansion and finally its contraction. When you look at the artwork, notice that the dots from the first to the fifth work grow in size and grow apart supported by the gradient in the back (goes from light to dark). At the sixth work, the pattern flips and the size starts to reduce and so does the gap. The gradient becomes invert signifying contraction leading up to the tenth and the final piece. Truly an awe-gasping progression.

About the Creator

Shrex Design is an experience innovation company started in 2016 when they felt India was deprived of good design and independent creative houses. Shrex Design was built on the founding principles of revolutionizing how consumers experience products and services. With their extreme proximity to truth, they are the ones who dare to break the glass walls and take the plunge into revolution. Their job is not making the next best-looking website but an incredible experience. Their quest to create newfangled experiences is facilitated by their artistic prowess. Simply put, they use the power of art to entirely revolutionize how people experience life. Their approach has always worked for them and their clients have garnered results that were beyond reproach.


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Shrex Design

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