Corroding Land by Rohit Shroff

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Rohit Shroff’s Corroding Land is an artwork that gives you the impression of the modern moral compass of a man.

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Rohit Shroff’s Corroding Land is an artwork that gives you the impression of the modern moral compass of a man. Full of blurry lines, no apparent difference between firm and fluid thinking, impurity in thoughts, and the inability to manage thoughts are the prime themes covered by the artist in this painting. It shows water washing away the sand while the sand tries to hold on to its firmness as a whole. It represents the bad seeping into the good and swooping it away. It makes you wonder what life would be if you hadn’t compromised the best parts of you. It signifies the presence of good and evil – the yin and yang.


Art Type


Rohit Shroff

Canvas Life

100+ Years


33.1 x 23.4 in

Art Form


Frame Size

1 in


Archival Quality, Durable Ink, Waterproof


Original Pine Wood

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