Angel of Death by Salmoniom Arts

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Angel of Death is a digital art that symbolizes anarchy.

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Angel of Death symbolizes anarchy. The style is inspired by tattoos and symbols, in pop culture and real life, that represent organized crime syndicates like the mafia or cartels. The artist has tried to bring an eerie and mystic feeling to the subject and yet anchoring it to the core theme with the golden M4A4s in the background. The crown-like formation of the weaponry depicts a sort of religious symbolism, that such criminal enterprises are often related within pop culture. The whole picture comes to form a surreal atmosphere.

About the Artist

Salmoniom Arts is an upcoming artist who works mostly in 3D media. His work is heavily influenced by surrealism, cyberpunk, and open-world aesthetics. Anything psychedelic, neon, vaporware, synth-wave, or retro-futuristic make his heart beat faster. Most of his pieces center around a subject. While the focal point lies on the subject, the environment and the landscape try to tell a story in every one of his pieces by influencing the viewer’s interpretation. Recently, he has been experimenting with themes of horror.

He has been actively involved in producing different works of visual arts such as digital imagery, motion graphics, photography, and the occasional 3D Modelling. He aspires to create and sell work that has a meaning beyond the traditional definition and aims to reach the pinnacles of the digital art world.


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Salmoniom Arts

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