Basilica’s Originality Algorithm
Basilica’s Originality Algorithm
Originality Algorithm

Basilica’s Originality Algorithm

Before the widespread onset of the NFT trend, we were dealing in Digital Art and one of the major considerations while doing so was the safety and trust of the works. We designed our Originality Algorithm to ensure that the integrity of the work is kept intact. It is a three layered protection mechanism.

Three Layers of Security

We protect works of digital art with a mechanism that is unique to every buyer and every purchase. It is never the same for two people.

Basilica Signature: Every purchase gets a unique, digital signature generated by Basilica Art House. This is your first layer of protection unique to you, created to unlock and cherish the art you own.

Art Hash: All of our artworks have a unique hash (ID) as well. Given that these artworks are digital, the hash is a computer-generated, tamper-proof signature. Even the slightest change, as less as one pixel (or lesser, if possible), will change the hash. So, if your image/work is not the same as issued by Basilica, it’s very easily identifiable. You can verify your art’s ID on our Art Authenticity Verification Page.

Ownership Certificate: When you buy art from Basilica, you get a certificate of ownership that proves your authority over the art piece. It contains your name, the details of the artwork, and the original hash (ID) of the work. This certificate is only true to you and again does not represent a change of ownership if someone else holds it.

Benefits of the Originality Algorithm

Enhanced Security: Our systems are not completely anonymous. It is heavily protected and discreet however, we know and constantly track the ownership of the works. We hate imposters.

Secure Ledger: Our file being hosted and transacted over the blockchain, tracks and maintains all interactions with the work. No unauthorized access or change will ever be permitted.

Human + Technology: We add a layer of human verification after every purchase. No matter how automated and complexly secure our systems are, we always verify all the requisite details manually to ensure that no glitch, vulnerability, or malfunction results in a loss of millions of dollars – a very common occurrence in the infamous crypto world.

Protected Transactions: The originality algorithm ensures that all the transactions ranging from $100 to $100 Million are facilitated through the most secure, efficient, and verifiable pathways.

Advanced Security: Basilica Art House has partnered with WAISS Global to consult and provide us with security services. We have many layers of security that enhance and protect the trust and confidence of our customers. You can read more about our Security here.

When you buy from us, you receive additional details about the steps to follow to access and manage your artwork. If you have any additional queries, you can write to us at [email protected]

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