Artsplay 1

When Art Meets Technology, A Revolution is Born. Meet Artplay 1 - the next generation of Art Display.

What is Artsplay 1?

Artplay 1 is an Art Display Unit engineered and sold exclusively by Basilica Art House. It merges the best elements from traditional art display methodologies and merges it with advanced technology. When you own Artplay 1, you take your art collection game to the next level. It is the ultimate step-up for owning, displaying, and sharing art. This is a feature-rich device that can do so much for you.


Feature All Your Artworks in One Place

With Artplay 1, you can bring together all the artworks you own in one place without inflicting any damage to them. Your art stays protected and is available to collect all the applause in the world. Why build a gallery, when you can have Artsplay.

Changes with Your Mood

We believe that art inspires moods and emotions. Artsplay is built with an advanced mood sensor that lets you manage and change artworks that suit your current state of being. Whether you need cheering up on a gloomy day or need inspiration for your next business deal, we got you covered.

View More with Split Screen

Not all art dimensions cover the full width of our display and we hate empty spaces. This is why built an amazing viewing algorithm that detects the size of your artwork and places them to best suit the frame. In addition, if you need to compare two pieces, gasp at more than one art at a time, we got you covered too.

Every Art Type Condensed in One

Artsplay 1 was designed and engineered to suit all types of artworks whether made on a Canvas or Digitally. Basilica Art House offers bespoke Art Conversion services that lets you take your canvas on the device. In addition, you can always opt for our other services that support the use of Artsplay. 

High Contrast, Low Strain

The Display Technology used to engineer Artsplay 1 makes it an absolutely great host for your artwork. It offers a high contrast ratio, great colors but manages strain on the eyes. You could stare at for hours and not hurt your eyes. It is also energy efficient so that you do not hurt the environment or your purse too much.

A Frame of Your Suiting

Artsplay 1 will be made available with multiple frame options because we believe you deserve the look you want.

Perfect for Every Setting

Artplay 1 can be featured at offices, homes, schools, exhibition centers, events, and anywhere you like. All you need is a good WiFi connection and a set of solid arms to carry a few kgs.

and More…

There is so much more to tell but that is all for now. You will have more details close to the launch of the device and when it is ready for you to buy. At this moment, we are still perfecting every pixel and every brushstroke to ensure that your art experiences are not met with a distasteful occurrence of unforced glitches. Stay tuned for more…

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