Artmercial: The Future of Art in Business
Artmercial: The Future of Art in Business

Artmercial: The Future of Art in Business

The relationship between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami has established profitable and lucrative codependency between both disciplines, proving to be invaluable to one another. The 2003 inauguration of Murakami’s multicolored monograms for Louis Vuitton initiated the iconic, revolutionary partnership. This partnership was pivotal because it marked extreme wealth (luxe brand) and informed consumption (knowledge of art). Murakami partook in several other collections as well, such as Cherry Blossom, Monogramouflage, and more. Over a decade later, the relationship between luxury brand Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami came to an end in 2015.

Corporate Image is a powerful identity tool that ripples throughout every facet of the business.  The visual identity of the business impacts organizational culture, marketing, PR, client relationships, investors, and other stakeholders. The activities are taken under consideration and executed for this very “image building” takes up abundant knowledge, experience, and effective execution. This stands true today and did before since the growth of consumerism and yet there is a big change in the current times that companies have to deal with. Subject experts are calling it “Noise” which basically means your “uniqueness”, “creativity” and “individuality” as a brand doesn’t always stand out, and most often it’s because all other brands out there are trying to do the same thing with similar objectives in sight. Research and evidence suggest that the only way to be ahead of the curve at this point is to bring a personal touch of distinction to the brand.  
Despite being distinct from one another, the unification of art and brands especially fashion houses has presented exceptional artistry throughout history. This ongoing collaboration exhibits innovation, expression, and above all, creativity. Painters, designers, and photographers alike have contributed to a blossoming symbiotic unity between the disciplines.  Artmercial by Basilica is a state-of-the-art project by Basilica that uses technology and research to connect artists with brands and contributes in different ways for a successful collaboration. Such Partnerships aren’t new and yet they’re rarely done due to two reasons essentially: Ignorance and lack of modus operandi to the partnership. Every successful artist is unique in their own ways and when that artist works parallelly with the respective brand the end result always sticks out. Basilica is changing the face of branding and corporate image not just by product designing but also by specifically commissioning a painting for the offices and surroundings that generate the required emotions from the individuals working there. Basilica believes that it’s been too long since ArtWorks have been sitting inside walled museums and digital gadgets and instead they should be out there in everything around us. As humans, we have been given the gift to create, and what better way to create than to take off everything we do as an Art in itself.

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