Artist Representation

Artist Representation

We love cocoons more than butterflies. They represent the future and an evolutionary instinct. It is then our job to facilitate the evolution.

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What does it mean for you?

Basilica offers a platform for online sales of works of art and rare artifices, as well as a place to discover art from selected artists around the world thereby opening up to new artistic horizons. Basilica will be featuring the world’s leading and emerging artists, galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Although, the platform is open for all the artworks put forward by interested artists; Basilica carefully analyses each and every artwork; aside from the basic due diligence we want to make sure that art pieces put forward by artists are divine and are complicated with a deeper meaning. Most of the art forms on the platform are unique works of rare breeds of new artists that have something impactful to offer.

Nothing is more creative nor destructive than a brilliant mind with a purpose. We believe in artists whose work will potentially illuminate the world for years to come. Our platform allows selected art pieces to be displayed on our marketplace however if our team decides to further deepen the partnership by representing the artist it provides the artist with a powerful boost. We work professionally on behalf of the artist to represent, promote, and sell their work. Working with Basilica Art House does not keep the artist from showing your artwork in galleries or art fairs in fact, we will often help you secure shows in these locations.  As a part of our Artmercial initiative, we bring exciting opportunities for artists; commissioning their work to be an integral part of famous brands, Fashion houses, etc. We are always looking for talented artists and gladly accept submissions. We receive tons of requests for gallery representation each year from artists across the globe!

Expansive Clientele

The biggest advantage artist being represented by Basilica Art House has over an independent artist is access to a broad and loyal clientele. As an independent artist, it may take years to build a loyal clientele and to gain the recognition that their work deserves, whereas we already come with an established collector’s list.

Focus on your work, let us worry about the business.

Artists have to focus both on creating art as well as promoting it. When they are represented by us, we handle the marketing for them which gives them more time to create and to practice. They don’t have to stress about the sales, the publicity or even the exhibition. With gallery representation, they will have all the time to focus on art.

Value of Art

We rarely promote art that’s already famous. As one of our core values is to put forward art of our times for future generations. We want to bring new artists and artworks to the stage of artistry. For this reason, our Art House’s core task is to source the most unique and divine art and then give it the attention it rightfully deserves.


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