Art Investment Management

Art Investment Management

Any asset worth millions is under appreciated if it simply sits on a wall for gasping eyes. Investing in art takes a different route from a traditional collection but can be highly rewarding when done right.

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How do we invest?

Investing in art is more of a calculative decision rather than just having a passion for art. It is looked upon as a source of investment that would yield handsome returns in time to come and rightly so, it does. Basilica Art House advises a number of art investment opportunities that generate capital appreciation through investment and trading in the art market, or underwriting artworks to be sold at auction. Additionally, We offer private accounts for a tailored means of capital preservation and long-term growth by investing in unique quality artworks and short-term co-investment opportunities. More and more buyers and collectors are looking at the art segment as an alternative to traditional investment assets. Unlike shares, real estate or rare metals art is traded differently. Each work of art is unique and cannot be replaced or directly compared to another artwork regarding its value. The value of an artwork increases with the recognition an artist acquires in the established art market. One of the biggest risks is knowing whether or not a young artist is going to make it. You might fully engage with their work, but what if the important art taste-makers don’t?. Compare it to a business, and emerging art is equivalent to an early-stage start-up. If you really believe and connect with a product that you believe is going to make it big, the rewards are huge. That €5,000 investment yesterday could return its multiple in a few years’ time. As an emerging art collector, you essentially become an early adopter of an artist’s work. There is an obvious risk here, but like those who invested in Bitcoin from the start, huge rewards.  Art as investment has become more in demand as well. Investment evaluations and trend forecasts for the art market mostly refer to the auction sales of the high-end market. However, most art collectors not only invest inexpensive, high-profile works but also purchase art from the mid-and emerging art market. Investing in art combines the passion-led buying of a unique piece and the option of high investment returns. It has become more and more important for collectors to be investment-informed. First-time buyers are also more concerned about the potential return on investment before buying original artwork. 

Art Investments


Main Art Investments Services we offer are:

Art Investment Research

Art is not just a showpiece anymore, it’s now a use case in lots of creative and commercial activities out there. We are at the crux of this revolution that’s going to make art useful and hence knowing and betting on the right opportunities is one of our main tasks. Like stocks and bonds, art can increase in value. If an up-and-coming artist goes on to a successful career, the cash value of their work will skyrocket. Our team at Basilica Art House gets into the depth of things by researching and generating investment insights that highlight fundamentals of the artist and the art as well as the intuitional potential of success. We will help you diversify your portfolio while also setting it up for a value upscale.

Portfolio Management

Life is a box full of chocolates and so is an art collection but the only difference is that here you get to choose which art pieces you want to have in your box. Investing in art is similar to investing in companies of all shapes, sizes, and utilities. In a sea of new and old artworks, we assist you in collecting artworks that speak to you while also having the capability to mark their rank upon the world. Keeping a mix of art assets will help you balance your art fund, keep you in bliss and also raise the value of your collection in the future.

Monitoring and Structuring of Art Funds

We use a terminology of innovative art strategies so as to formulate art funds that are not just the symbol of beauty, depth and divinity but are also aligned to make you the most out of your investment. Shakespeare said, “If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not speak then unto me”. In this quote, replace grain with artworks and that’s the basic question we answer while forming an art fund. Basilica Art House advocates and constantly monitors the art pieces in a collection for their valuation as it’s a significant indicator of how the fund is performing.

Art Securitisation

We can get your art collection securitized, in order to divide ownership and any consequent revenue between different parties while maintaining the art collection as a whole.  By securitizing an art collection, miscellaneous members can each own part of the collection without dismantling it. They can also donate or sell their ownership to other members while enabling collection to remain intact. In addition to owning part of the collection, the contractual members will receive the proceeds of any sale or lending activity, and, in proportion to their level of  ownership, contribute to costs in respect of maintenance, upkeep  and insurance.

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