Art Curation

Art Curation

Art Curation is all about bringing together the best of all worlds and making sure the future is brighter than today. Yes, it does sound like war but without ruins.

intervetion of the sabines

How do we curate?

We enhance meaning in your life by curating artworks for your collection. Whether a single piece or multi-work curation, we will find the best pieces for you. Basilica art house deals in temporary or permanent installations that enhance your brand, always with your project budget in mind. Our objective here is to create a connection among the art pieces which in turn creates something even more valuable than the combination of each piece. The connection of the art pieces within a context creates a storyline, which is what people are going to remember about the ensemble. In our view, curating art is an art in itself. Our journey as an art curator for you starts with a conversation, understanding your internal depths of heart and mind is what helps us formulate the best artworks for you. Art should make you think about life; living also implies thinking about life- that living is, in fact, precisely this subtle relationship between a man’s experience and his experience of it.

Our art advisory services are oriented for:

  • Prospects Interested in Digital Art for building a collection on virtual lands.
  • Private individuals who are interested in starting their own art collection in physical locations or those who wish to expand an existing collection. We additionally advise where to place artwork.
  • Companies, corporate or public institutions interested in art acquisition for their public or private spaces, or interested in additional curatorial and art management services.
  • Individuals, corporate clients, and interior designers in need of custom art to visually tie together a venue, brand or interior design project.
  • Use of art in fashion accessories
  • Interior designers or private individuals in need of beautiful quality custom art for home staging needs.
  • Interior designers, architects, buyers, procurement agents looking for a large number of art pieces at affordable prices for hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, etc.


Art Curational Services we offer:

Art Research

Authenticity- art historical analyses-information on art market-price research

Art Transactions

Purchase and Sale- representation of interests

Art Management

Valuation-insurance-storage-transportation-collection advisory and management

Structured Solutions

Inheritance planning- art foundations and trusts-philanthropy

Art Lending

Organize Lending Portions of private or corporate collections

Let Us Curate For You

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