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Basilica Art House is an art platform and an esoteric laboratory. We provide a transitional ecosystem for pairing, navigating, and elaborating deep enlightenment through different forms of Artwork.

Basilica Art House

A trusted global platform that lets artists sell, auction, and commission their creations while buyers get to hold a piece of divinity by purchasing the most unique art creations known to the world. Since Launching in 2018 as a private art dealer, Basilica Art House has fascinated expansive access to the art market for private, independent, and professional buyers and collectors.

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Basilica is one of the fastest emerging art entities in the world; bringing together artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and resellers onto a single powerful online platform. With a state-of-the-art user experience, and a leading-edge art portal backed by some amazing analytics and data, We are changing the way art is promoted in the country.

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The Artmercial Revolution

Art can do a lot more than being just a showpiece. Our experts curate artistic talents from our networks to apply principles of artistry to a variety of fields.  Works of art is used to sell, promote, explain, narrate, and inform. Company may design media such as advertisements, logos, billboards, brochures, book covers, or products. Why keep it limited to a wall when it can do so much more?


Esotericism Meets Art​

At Basilica’s Esoteric Lab, we try to enquire into the world, we live in by diving into our conscious and subconscious minds through the use of artworks and modes of experiential demonstrations.

What if everything you know about the world is incorrect? What if someone who is enlightened comes to you and informs you about the real wisdom behind the mysteries of your surrounding?

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